In Armada’s early years, the sign over this establishment read, “Ahırkapı Restaurant”. Named after the historic area of Ahırkapı and the street on which it is located, it has hosted civil Republic Balls that give the residents of Istanbul a fresh taste of the culture of the city, as well as Tango nights, dance workshops, concerts, theaters, poetry recitations, meetings of civil society organizations, celebrations, memorial services, and weddings where hundreds of couples have taken their marriage vows.

The historic “Ahırkapı Restaurant” at which thousands of guests from here and abroad have eaten, has adapted itself to the variety of requests from users and now serves as the multi-purpose “Armada SALON”. Decorated in the style of Istanbul’s Beyoğlu (Pera) quarter at the beginning of the 19th century with a mosaic floor, console, buffet and embroidered curtains, Armada SALON was renovated in 2009 with a ventilation system, sound and light system and seating arrangements. Group meals, special occasions, winter weddings and concerts are all held at Armada Salon.

Armada SALON has seating for 300 or capacity for 400 people in a cocktail setting.