Another interesting place at the Ahirkapı seaside that was ingrained in old Istanbul way of life; "Karışmasen Restaurant" regained its original identity after a recent restoration. The story of the restaurant which was originally named as "Şenyuva Waterside Night-club" dates back to 1938. The founders are the members of Nacar family who used to live in (the then "Ahirkapı") Cankurtaran Square and moved to Ahirkapı seashore later on. "Şenyuva" ("cheerful home" in Turkish!) , originally was a timber, sea shore resident ("yali") with a traditional boat shed that was belonged to Yusuf Konuk, the grandfather of the family who had first transformed the building into a "cafe". After having added a stage, the building was conversioned to "Şenyuva Waterside Night-club" where the then famous singers used to perform in 1938. The building lost more than half of its space while a new street; "Kennedy Street" was being added into the land by the condemnation in 1950s.

Karismasen nowadays has been going on to host its regular and new guests with its renewed face since 2008 winter.

For further information:
Address: Kennedy Street (Coastal Road) No: 28-30 34122 Cankurtaran / İstanbul
Phone: +90 212-458 00 81 / +90 212-517 68 92
Web :