Brakfast Menu

The Breakfast and Brunch, The Views, The Conversation. You Can’t Get Enough!

What would you say to enjoying a delicious Sunday brunch with your loved ones adjacent to the city’s historic stone walls, far from the crowds and noise of the city, where you can relax, hear yourself think and also hear Istanbul?

At the Armada Terrace, surrounded by the Sea of Marmara, the Sultanahmet Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, you can enjoy our bright red well-steeped Turkish tea (“Tavşan Kanı” in Turkish) specially brewed in Armada style urns as well as tasty, natural and healthy breakfast fare carefully chosen from organic local producers, along with breakfast rolls from Armada’s ovens and our famous Ahırkapı sherbet, all flavors you won’t be able to get enough of.

If you are a seeker of Istanbul within Istanbul, of course…

Our Open Buffet Sunday Breakfast and Brunch Menu

Regional Cheeses; Ezine White Cheese, Thracian Kashar Cheese, Erzincan Goat Cheese, Izmir Goat Cheese, Antep Braided Cheese, White Cheese with Dill Weed and Red Pepper Marinated in Olive Oil, Butter Produced in the Taurus Highlands of Antalya, Turkish Clotted Cream, Specially produced Selection of Green and Black Olives from the Edremit Region, Tomatoes, Cucumbers

Homemade Fruit Preserves; Strawberry, Apricot, Orange, Strained Honey, Honey in the Comb, Sesame Paste, Grape Molasses, Isparta Strained Yogurt, Tomatoes and Cucumbers, Fruit Salad, Raisins, Dried Figs, Dried Apricots, Rolled Oats, Fruit Pectin Rolls

“Menemen,” or Turkish-style scrambled eggs with onion, tomato and pepper 
Hard-boiled Eggs
To Order; Omelettes and Eggs cooked in a “sahan” with Turkish sausage or Turkish pastrami

Stone Oven-baked Crisp Sesame Ring
Turkish Breakfast Rolls
Layered Cheese Pastry
Village Bread and Rye Bread Made From Organic Wheat at Trakya Yeniçiftlik

Orange Juice
Ahırkapı Sherbet and Lemonade
Specially blended Brewed Tea 
Coffee, Milk

Seasonal Fruits
Dessert Selections

Brunch Hours: 11:00 – 14:00